The Kingdom of Runefaust

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The Kingdom of Runefaust Empty The Kingdom of Runefaust

Post  Whitewolf on Sat Feb 18, 2012 2:02 am

Runefaust is an average kingdom in many ways. By far it's borders are more vast than most other lands, however they are lined by high stone walls, too large to scale by normal means There are checkpoints that lead into cities, traders are free to come and go, though the checkpoints are forts in and of themselves, designed to keep the unwanted out of the kingdom.

Runefaust is ruled by martial law. Mayors, councils, and other such governments exist, but have little control over the actions of the military. It is not uncommon to see soldiers beating outsiders for amusement or profit. Rare but still sighted are the guards that bully shops for extra coin.

Women are second class citizens here, often sold into slavery, or otherwise treated with abuse. It is common sight for women to go nearly nude, given clothing that leaves very little to the imagination, but still decent enough to count as clothing. Even women from other countries are treated ill here, as their laws apply to all within their boarders but the nobility and royalty of other countries. And even then, they are not fully safe.

The slave market is very common in towns through Runefaust, bringing much money from the wealthy of other countries as well as it's own. Though less common in the capital city of Kiroz, it is a huge flow of money to and from the country. However anyone selling a slave without the proper permits will lose all his money, slaves, and anything else the guards decide to take. But at least they get to keep their lives.

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