Prestige Class: Eldral Swordsman

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Prestige Class: Eldral Swordsman Empty Prestige Class: Eldral Swordsman

Post  Whitewolf on Tue Apr 24, 2012 2:12 pm

Eldral Swordsman

Hit Die: d8

Class Skills: Perform, Hide, Spot, Profession, Knowledge(Nature), Knowledge(Nobility&Royalty), Knowledge(Geography)

Base Attack Bonus: +6
Skill: Perform(Dance) 4 ranks, Hide 8 ranks
Feats: Weapon Focus(any Sword), Two Weapon Fighting, Two Weapon Defense

LevelBase Attack BonusFort SaveReflex SaveWill SaveSpecial
1st+1+2+2+0Canny Defense
2nd+2+3+3+0Cross Slash
3rd+3+3+3+1Vanishing Swords
4th+4+4+4+1Northern Cross
5th+5+4+4+1Piercing Blades
6th+6+5+5+2Hurricane Slash
8th+8+6+6+2Dragon Breath

Canny Defense: The Eldral Swordsman is trained extensively in combat techniques, taught to give false openings in his defenses so his opponent wont find the real ones. When wearing no armor, the Eldral Swordsman may add his intelligence modifier to his AC.

Cross Slash: The Eldral Swordsman is so well trained in the art of two-weapon combat, that he can use two weapons as one. Once per combat, the Eldral Swordsman may strike an opponent twice as one action. Both are rolled at the attacker's highest attack bonus.

Vanishing Swords: The Eldral swordsman is legendary among warriors of the world, said to be able to simply vanish from sight. As a standard action, the Eldral Swordsman may declare one target then make a Hide vs Spot check. If successful the target is considered flat-footed for the round. This counts for the Eldral Swordsman only, others fighting alongside the Eldral Swordsman do not gain this bonus. Twice a round, at the beginning of the Target's turn and the user's turn, an opposed hide/spot check. If the user ever fails, this effect ends instantly.

Northern Cross: The Eldral Swordsman has learned to attune himself with his weapons in such a way that they guide him as much as he guides them. The Eldral Swordsman gains a +2 deflection bonus to AC when weilding two weapons.

Piercing Blades: At 5th level the Eldral Swordsman can find a hole in any defense. The Eldral Swordsman may, as a Free action, declare his weapon to be +5 or made of a particular material for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

Hurricane Slash: The Eldal Swordsman can quickly become a flurry of blades which would rend any opponent asunder. Once per combat, as a full round action, the Eldral swordsman may make an attack against a single opponent. They then make a Perform(Dance) roll and compare the results with the table below, dealing extra damage to the target.

Check ResultExtra Damage

Dragon Breath: As a full round action the Eldral Swordsman may choose a color and breathe out the dragon breath of that color as if a sorcerer of your ECL, dealing 1d8 per caster level(maximum 10d8)(Black= 30ft Line of Acid, Blue= 30ft Line of Lightning, Green= 15ft Cone of Corrosive Gas, Red= 15ft Cone of Fire, White= 15ft Cone of Cold)

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