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Post  Whitewolf on Mon Apr 30, 2012 3:13 am

Built atop the ruins of a lizardman empire long past, the Empire of Fior’Dulan borrows much from its cold-blooded predecessors. Unloved and distrusted, the ruler of Fior’Dulan, Emperor Minalar, has learned the lessons to best prevent a revolution: necromancy. After the third revolution attempt by the peasant-class of the Empire, Minalar had all of the murdered peasants resurrected as skeletons and sent to perform their menial tasks. Though originally thought as gruesome and horrific, this action has been accepted and even recreated by the nobility of Fior’Dulan once they realized the profit to be gained by not having to feed or pay their workers or Soldiers.

In fact, roughly 20% of the population of Fior’Dulan comprises of skeleton workers that serve the needs of the living. Due to the tirelessness of their undead farmers and slaves, Fior’Dulan is famous for its food production capabilities. Once the Emperor realized that he no longer needed to start wars to get slaves, and could instead resurrect any workers who die, the Empire actually became much less hostile towards its neighboring territories. That is not to say that the nation lacks agents and assassins across the world; it simply implies that the Emperor is content with his lifestyle and has no further ambitions…for now.

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