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Post  Whitewolf on Mon Apr 30, 2012 2:57 pm

Quests are missions that can be done by a single person, or groups of people. This site will be producing a number of repeatable quests, such as a quest that mages can do to gather items for material components or focuses, and unique quests. Unique quests can be used to grant titles, items, gold, feats, or even just be quests required for Pretige or Legendary classes. Every month or so, a 'Special' Quest will be put into place, keep your eyes out for it.


You've found the junk yard! Now dig! DIG! Dig like your life depended on it! It may very well do just that. Unless you're in the forest gathering random herbs and berries and such. Whatever, this is done to find whatever money or items you can to sell for gold.
Reward: 1d6x1 GP

The Gathering
Mages from all over are coming together to find various material components. It's time to rush to gather your own.
Reward: 1d10 GP worth of material components.

Random Encounter
On your travels you've encountered an enemy! They're bent on destroying you, so you need to destroy them first!
Reward: EXP and Treasure based on Encounter Challenge Rating
Note: This quest may be done twice per week.


My child has gone missing, from the town of Lorimer, taken by the monsters of the Elven Forest! Please help get my child home! I can afford to reward the person that brings my child home!
Recomended Players: 2
Reward: 50 gold

Ruins of El
I am funding an exploration trip into the Ruins of El, and I need people that are good under pressure, and can handle themselves. See my assistant, Lucia Brierburn about the job.
Recomended level: 2
Recomended Players: 3
Reward: Unknown.

Mystery of Zema
The city of Zema is known for it's mining. They've gone silent and nobody is sure what's happening. Statues have appeared in the city, depecting the daily lives of the citizens there! But I saw one that looked exactly like my brother! Someone's turned them into stone! This is no joke! Please help!
Recomended level: 1
Recomended players: 4

Banshee of the woods
People have been going missing from the village of Rasule, on the edge of the Elven Forest. The Knights of Runefaust refuse to do anything about it, saying that the villagers have simply decided to leave. But ignoring the problem wont make it go away.
Recomended level: 1
Recomended players: 3

Protect the Seer/Kill the Traitor
One account: Melisan is a kindly woman, defending the town of Reyals, and protecting others. She's been wounded badly and people are hunting for her. Please protect her!
Other Account: Melisan is a traitor, she was a knight in service of the King of Runefaust, and turned on him in the midst of battle, her blade taking his head from his shoulders and taking the royal seal before fleeing. We want her head in return for a hefty cash settlement! She's been badly wounded so even lowly peasants should be able to handle her.
Rewards: 600 GP bounty for her head brought in, though there is no reward mentioned for protecting her.

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