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Post  Whitewolf on Sat Feb 18, 2012 2:45 am

A vast forest of tall trees over 300 feet tall and seven feet thick, though they grow larger the deeper in one gets. This forest has never been charted by outsiders, so nobody knows exactly how big it is. It is boardered by the occasional logging town, mill, or forest village. From the outter most edges of the forest a single tree stands out. It's larger than any castle in the realm, save maybe a select few. This tree serves as capital of the Elven Kingdoms, and host to the Elven Council of Conclave. This parliament of elven elders represents all of the Elven peoples with exception to the Drow, or Dark Elves. This means all of the elves have their own kingdom but have representatives here amidst a place of peace for their kind.

Rumors tell of Amazon and other Barbarian tribes deep in the forests as well. These people trade their services to the elves for things that they cannot craft or get for themselves. Nobody has ever seen the entrance to these villages, for travelers caught in their land are immediately killed or captured and taken to the elves and returned blindfolded that they not know the secrets of the deep forest.

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