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Post  Whitewolf on Wed May 02, 2012 1:37 pm

Quests are ways for people to advance themselves in rank, in various ways. But there are going to be some quests that are Unique. On this forum we have what I call the '24-hour wait.' When you come across a UNIQUE quest that requires no more than 1 player, then you must sign up for it under the sign up thread and then wait 24 hours. If nobody else signs up for it, then you get the quest. However, if you sign up for it, and another person does as well, you can both do it in tandem. With that being said, if either of you refuses to work with the other, then you must both perform a roll off.

A roll off is just what it sounds like. You and anyone else wanting to do the mission both roll 1d100 and whoever gets the highest number, or lowest if this is agreed to by both parties and the DM, wins. This is the way the dispute is settled. It's fair. It's all luck. The other option on this, if you chose to do the quest as RIVALS you can.

With that being said, if anyone intends to do a quest in a group they must announce it when they sign up for the quest.

Next, when you win a quest or are not challenged for a quest, then you cannot do any other quests until the first one is done.

Quests that are repeatable ones cannot be done in groups, and may be done once per week IRL, no more than that. These have a word requirement of 100 words, though we do welcome more from players.

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