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Post  Whitewolf on Wed May 02, 2012 2:11 pm

Schools of Combat, The Magic Academy, and various other names adorn institutions that teach. Guilds, Mercenary Bands, adventuring parties, these are names for those that do.

Those that can't, teach. Those that can, do. But in many cases those that Teach, can Do. But what of those that can't Teach?

The following section is dedicated to various schools, groups and such that allow people to grow as an individual. But before we get to the juicy part we have to go through the rules first.

Every school/institution has 10 Lessons.
Each Lesson has an EXP cost. This means you must spend this much EXP to learn the Lesson.
Each Lesson has a Time cost. This is the amount of time in the game that it takes you to learn the Lesson.
Each Lesson has a level cap. This means you may not learn this Lesson until you reach this level.

The cost for the Lesson are ALWAYS the same.

LessonXP CostTime CostLevel Cap
11001 week1
23001 day2
36002 days4
41,0003 days6
51,5004 days8
62,1001 week10
72,8001 week, 3 days12
83,6002 weeks15
94,5003 weeks18
105,5001 month20

It costs 10GP per week to learn from an academy with requirements to get into each. Each academy is independent of one another. Some are friendly, others are enemies, and others still are just plain neutral.

Once you join an academy, you may not learn from another school without leaving the first. If you join the Jaden Spearmen and master 3 lessons before joining the Talaxian Duelists, you may not take any further lessons with the Jaden Spearmen, unless someone with the other lessons is willing to teach you.

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