The White Avenger (AKA: Belanor Frell)

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The White Avenger (AKA: Belanor Frell) Empty The White Avenger (AKA: Belanor Frell)

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-Player Info-
Name: Taylor
IM(AIM, MSN, Yahoo): zeromissionnexus

[Character Portrait]
The White Avenger (AKA: Belanor Frell) TheWhiteAvenger
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The White Avenger (AKA: Belanor Frell) 19421_G_1302087657230
Justin Law - Soul Eater

-Character Info-

Name: The White Avenger (Belanor Frell)
Age: 25
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Cleric
Level: 1
ECL: 1
EXP: 888/1,000

"Come with me, my son. Together noone would be able to stand against us!"

"Dad...I don't want to be a Vigilante. Helm calls me in a different direction," Belanor replied, intent on not going into the family business.

"Listening to those voices in your head again?"

"They are not mere voices! They are the words of Helm, the Vigilant One, the Watcher of all!"

"Fine, go preach your fantasy, Belanor. While you speak your pretty words, I will be fighting against true evil."

"True evil? You speak as if you are a hero, but all you are is a glorified guard! But wait, you aren't even that! You perade yourself around, acting high and mighty while you catch petty thieves and bring them to 'justice!'"

"You are no son of mine!" Belanor's father spat with rage, "Leave this house, and never return! I disone you!"

And so, Belanor Frell left his father's house and traveled east, finally finding a small village that allowed him to start a church dedicated to Helm, the ever-vigilant.

-3 years later-
"-and may Helm watch over us all," Belanor said as he finished his sermon. He closed the book he was reading from, even though he had memorized it's passages long ago.

As his flock left the church, a lean man wearing leather armor, long dirtied by his long journey, wandered in. "Preacher Frell, I have news from the west!"

"Please, sit traveler, may I offer you some water?" Belanor asked as he fetched a goblet from a nearby shelf and filled it with water.

"Thank you, preacher," the man said as he sat down, taking the goblet. When he finished drinking he continued, "I'm sorry to tell you this Belanor...but...your father has passed away."

"What?" Feelings welled up inside of Belanor, but he did not know what to feel. His father was dead, but their last meating left him with a sour taste in his mouth. "What happened?"

"He was on the job when one of the little punks came up behind him. The blade found his kidney, and the healers did not reach him in time..."

"Thank you for this message...I alone." Belanor retreated into his room at the back of the church as the messenger left. He took to sewing new robes for his acolytes while he thought of his father. He continued to sew as he thought, but suddenly a vision filled his mind. A vision of a man in a white costume, the gaunlet of Helm emblazoned on the chest, and Helm's ever-vigilent eye, forever watching.

"Avenge him." Those two words, and those words alone Belanor heard, and he recognized the voice. The voice of Helm.

"I will..." he replied. His needle quickly went to work as he crafted his alternate identity. The White Avenger.



Gold: 216
Longsword: 19-20 crit, 1d6 dmg, slashing
Heavy Wooden Shield: 2 AC
Chainmail: 5 AC, Max Dex: 2
Blanket, winter
Block and tackle
Fishing Net
Flint and Steel
Grappling Hook
Lanter, hooded
Oil x 4
Rope, Hempen 50 ft
Trail Rations (per day) x2
Potion of Bear's Endurance

HP: 11
Initiative: (2) + (4) = 6

Melee Attack: (2) + (0) + (Misc. Modifier) = (2)
Ranged Attack: (2) + (0) + (Misc. Modifier) = (2)

Armor Class: 10 + (5) + (2) + (2) + (Misc. Modifier) = (19)

-Saving Throws-
Fortitude: (2+3) = 5
Reflex: (0+2) = 2
Will: (2+3) = 5

Racial Traits:
Base land speed 30
1 Extra Feat
4 extra skills at first level, and 1 for each level after

Class Abilities:
Turn Undead
God: Helm
Domain: Protection (1/day, place a ward on touch that increases a resistance bonus equal to cleric level on the next saving throw, lasts for 1 hour)
Level 1- Sanctuary (touch, 1 round/level duration, touched person cannot attack, will negates)
Domain: Strength (1/day, as a free action gain 1/cleric level strength as an enhancement bonus, lasts 1 round)
Level 1- Enlarge Person (25 + 5/2 levels ft range, increases target's size category by 1 for 1 min/level)

(Concentration): (2) + (3) + (Misc.) = (5)
(Craft - Tailor): (1) + (2) + (Misc.) = 3
(Diplomacy): (1) + (1) + (Misc.) = 2
(Heal): (1) + (3) + (Misc.) = 4
(Knowledge - Arcana): (1) + (2) + (Misc.) = 3
(Knowledge - History): (1) + (2) + (Misc.) = 3
(Knowledge - Religion): (1) + (2) + (Misc.) = 3
(Knowledge - The Planes): (1) + (2) + (Misc.) = 3
(Listen): (1) + (3) + (Misc.) = 4
(Profession - Priest): (1) + (3) + (Misc.) = 4
(Search): (1) + (2) + (Misc.) = 3
(Spellcraft): (1) + (2) + (Misc.) = 3
(Spot): (1) + (3) + (Misc.) = 4

Improved Initiative
Spell Focus (Conjuration)

-Level 0-(3 Spells per day)
(Detect Magic) - (Detects spells and magic items within 60ft.)
(Detect Poison) - (Detects poison in one creature or object within 25 + 5/2 levels ft.)
(Light) - (Object shines like a torch for 10 minutes/level.)

-Level 1-(2 Spells per day + 1 spell from Domain*)
(Bless) - (Allies gain +1 on attack rolls and saves against fear within 50 ft for 1 min/level.)
(Cure Light Wounds) - (Touch Cures 1d8 damage +1/level (Max +5))
*(Enlarge Person) - (25 + 5/2 levels ft range, increases target's size category by 1 for 1 min/level)

-Level 2-(Spells per day)(Spells known)

-Level 3-(Spells per day)(Spells known)

-Level 4-(Spells per day)(Spells known)

-Level 5-(Spells per day)(Spells known)

-Level 6-(Spells per day)(Spells known)

-Level 7-(Spells per day)(Spells known)

-Level 8-(Spells per day)(Spells known)

-Level 9-(Spells per day)(Spells known)

Quests Completed:
The White Avenger
The White Avenger

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