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Post  Whitewolf on Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:16 am

Barbarian - Strong and hardy warriors of various peoples. These are commonly nomads, and are known for their combat prowess. However they are NOT known for their intelligence. Starting Gold: 160

Bard - The instrument carrying, singing, tale telling, poem writing beings of the world. While they are useful for combat support and for telling stories they are not particularly useful on the front lines of a fight. Starting Gold: 160

Cleric - Priests, or those aspiring to be them. Clerics are the devout religious people of this world. Known for wisdom over combat effectiveness they are not useless. In combat they are somewhat decent secondary fighters, but are more capable as the healer of the group. Nobody fucks with the "White Mage". Starting Gold: 200

Druid - Shamans, the magician version of barbarians to some. Druids are the original nature lovers. They are in tune with the world around them, and take to open natural spaces. They are known to travel and stay in many cities, but prefer when nature and man are in perfect balance. Starting Gold: 80

Fighter - The wandering swordsman. The brawler. The dragon slayer. These are the most effective front line battlers. They are capable of wearing armor of all kinds, and able to weild a wide array of weapons to make up for their lack of magical ability. Starting Gold: 240

Monk - Trained from a young age to make their body into a weapon in itself. The monk does not have a wide array of weapons to draw from but make up for it with the ability to strike harder than others with their fists. They wear little to no armor, but are agile and some have been said to fly without the use of magical items. Starting Gold: 200

Paladin - The classic knight. The loyal soldier capable of healing wounds as well as fight on the front lines. Paladins hold a presence about themselves inspiring others with their actions of good. Or inspire the deepest, darkest fears in people they come across with their legendary feats of evil. Starting Gold: 240

Ranger - Quite often living amongst the forests and natural landscapes, the Rangers are trained to be the best. Not as effective in combat as a fighter or at healing as a cleric they are a good balance. Rangers often specialize in ranged weapons like bows, or duel weilding small weapons like short swords and such. The "Red Mage" of the group. Starting Gold: 240

Rogue - The infiltrator, thief, or assassin. The Rogue is a jack-of-all-trades. They are useful in any scenario, able to pick locks with ease, steal money or items from others. It's even been said that skilled rogues can balance on toothpicks! Starting Gold: 200

Sorcerer - The natural magician. Bearing dragon blood in some amount they are naturally tied to the realms magical energy, allowing them to summon up spells like a wizard but without having to study for hours on end. Starting Gold: 120

Wizard - The counterpart of the sorcerer, these adepts have to spend hours readying their magic each day. These beings push themselves for years to master the powers of magic, where as a Sorcerer naturally draws on them. Starting Gold: 120

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