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Post  yayre on Fri May 18, 2012 9:44 pm

Hey Chase. I have a suggestion, or a clarification, depending on your viewpoint, on the house rule front.

HP: The rule with HP is that you will always get MAX possible HP with each level. If you are a fighter with a +4 Constitution bonus you get 14 HP every level, unless your Constitution bonus goes up. This does backtrack so if your bonus becomes +5, then recalculate every level of HP as 1 higher, and so on.
The flaw with this is that every monster also has maximum possible hit points as well. If a monster has 1d8 HP well it has 8 HP every time. This makes it easier for everyone to calculate things. This way if 10 goblins come at you, then you instantly know how much HP is coming. As opposed to rolling up 10 different goblins HP.

DnD has a fascination with randomness. Without point buy, PC stats are randomized, and HP per level is radomized.

Monsters, however, don't typically get this benefit/detriment of randomization in their static stat blocks. Instead, they always take 1/2 their hit die's maximum (I.E. a D8 would be 4 h.p per Hitpoint die) Any monster's HP total you see on the SRD, or Monster manual, has been totaled with this in mind. In this case 10 goblins would not have to be randomly rolled up each time they came up. Even generated DMPC/NPC's could just take half hit die to expedite creation, if that was desired.

The reason I voice this is because maximized hit die would create combats that last twice as long as normal. In the interest of saving time, I think it would be nice to keep with the traditional automatic half hit die.

There are, however, multiple camps on this front. Some believe that the game becomes better balanced and obviously less deadly when health pools are increased. Some of these arguments are strong, others weaker, but since this is an online game, I think it would be better for all involved to make combat expedient as possible.


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Post  Whitewolf on Sun May 20, 2012 6:55 pm

It can drag out combat, and all but my friends and I have always played it that everything gets max HP. This is kind of our way of playing 'hard mode' in a way because when you're one fighter facing 3 goblins, it's much more difficult to survive the fight when you can't just hit them and slaughter them. I get it, they're goblins they're made to be slaughtered. But still, it's just how we are.

I can drop it down to the 1/2 hit die or something and we can deal with it that way.

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