A Dark and Stormy Knight(Saga 1)

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A Dark and Stormy Knight(Saga 1) Empty A Dark and Stormy Knight(Saga 1)

Post  Whitewolf on Tue May 29, 2012 2:08 am

The first saga for our site is coming up. I will give you a few details here, so you can all get ready and gather your wits and ready for it!

A Dark and Stormy Knight(Some of you might know this one. This is to get everyone acquainted with the rules, for those that need it, along with something easy to throw at you guys.)

Rumors have come from around various countries of the world that a crypt of the 'Ancients' has been found. There are various adventurers, mercs, and other treasure hunters have found them before, but none have ever shown proof of it all. A librarian claims he's found where they are, and is begging for people to help him explore the dangerous ruins.

Saga Rules:
You must sign up for Sagas in the Sign-Up Thread.
If you sign up, other RP threads and quests should be finished before the saga starts.(If they are not, you cannot update until the saga is complete or you drop out.)
Quests cannot be done until the saga is ended if you're in it.
In no way is anyone required to participate, if you sign up and later must drop out, go for it. You will instantly collect the rewards you've earned to that point(or more if you're stealing it on the way out) and then update.
Sagas are all done on the boards and there will be a posting order. This order is the sign-up order. This is to keep things from getting out of hand. This way 2 very active people don't post a ton and cause others who are not as active to get lost and quit. I have participated in things like that and it sucks. I know an order can mean we'll be going slow, but other sagas will come.

Saga Rewards:
Aside from the treasure earned in any combat or found on the adventure, various actions, good roleplaying, 'thinking outside the box', and other things can result in a bonus anywhere between 5 and 25% to gold or EXP(Player's choice). Worst case scenario(someone just sitting around posting, 'I go into the tombs' or other half assery) will result in a bonus of 0% though you will never be penalized in adventures.

Titles and actions can be achieved through quests. For example, a rogue that manages to rob a very well trapped room might earn a title like 'Trap Master' or something.

Reputation in various circles can give you a discount to shops, additional information on quests or sagas, or various other things. These are reflected not only in titles but in 'rumors' of yourself. Bards will sing of your exalted or vile deeds, depending on your actions. But with Reputation with some, comes ill repute with others.

Date of Saga: ???

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