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Post  Whitewolf on Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:52 am

Deep below the surface of the world, there is another world below. Full of Dark Elves, Duergar, Dryders, and other monsterous beasts it is a constant fight for survival. Even in the cities, and there are many of them, nobody is safe. Murder is common, and as long as there are no witnesses there is no crime. The excuse, "He fell on the knife thirty-two times" is accepted, unless someone says they saw you stab him.

Drow society is dominant down there, though there are Mind Flayers, and other creatures like them. Drow society is matriarchal, with women holding most of the important roles. Most Drow are evil, though there are good drow out there in hiding. Stories are constantly being told about the evil of the Drow.

The Underdark is a dangerous place, not to be taken lightly by any adventurer, so beware. If you find yourself there, pray to whomever is out there your end is swift, for that is about the extent of mercy you will be shown.

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