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Post  Whitewolf on Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:12 pm

The Mage King's land, a kingdom without a ruler. The Mage King Roudy had no heir and when he died, leaving the throne empty. Many people have claimed to be the new empereror, but no claim has ever been recognized by the peope of Ecclesia, including the 'crowd favorite' Xania. It is said that when the time comes the stars will guide the new ruler to the throne of this empire.

A land of free markets, where anyone may purchase a pass to sell their wares, no matter what they may be for a small fee. Outside of the slave markets in Runefaust, or black markets, this is the largest trade market out there.

Mages rule in the Imperium, and those without magical powers while not second class, are below those that can prove their magical prowess. The stronger the magician, the higher standing one has. Currently the council of thirteen, a group of the 13 strongest magicians in the land, are fighting among themselves to be the next emperor.

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