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City-State of Solus Empty City-State of Solus

Post  Whitewolf on Mon Apr 30, 2012 2:49 am

Off the coast of untamed wilderness lies an immense island-city of wealth and culture. The bustling city-state of Solus is famously known as the City of Lights, as it has enchanted posts on each street keeping the entirety of the landmass illuminated during the night. The people of Solus consist of the wealthy and the merchant-class, causing no lack of employment for any poorer citizens looking to make their way in the city. The city seems to be one step closer to a utopia to most, though there is one small issue that has foreigners wary to enter: the city is openly run by a council of five Vampires.

Centuries ago, these ancients acquired a specific taste for well-bred, healthy humanoid blood. They wished to live lavishly in their castles, but they also desired to be surrounded by finer culture rather than the peasantry that populated the farmlands. To fill this desire, they constructed the City of Solus. Built by constructs and magic, the island city became a paradise for merchants and low lords who wished to live a finer life. The only catch of living on Solus is that should the council require you to donate your blood, it is illegal to deny them.

Contrary to popular belief, Solus is not a vampire-based city. The councilors harbor no wishes to be usurped, and have put a death warrant on any unregistered vampires found on the island. Men and women are legally held as equals on the island, and all races are accepted so long as they obey the law and pay their taxes, both monetary and blood. That is not to say that all races are treated equal by the citizenry; the culture has adopted around the concepts of longevity and ingenuity over the centuries, causing half-elves and gnomes to be considered the “higher class” by default.

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