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Snakebrines's School for witches and Warlocks
Lesson One - Herbs and Toads
The Snakebrine has collected a lot of knowledge regarding plants, small animals, and their uses in magic spells, poisons, and items. Herbs and Toads is a lesson about nature and how even the tiniest bug has its place. A character that has studied this lesson gains a +2 bonus to all Knowledge(Nature) checks.

Lesson Two - Bats, Cats, and Owls
The Mage's companion. The Spellcaster's friend. The Familiar is an undeveloped branch of study that has only just recently been given the attention it deserves. How does an animal magically bond with a spellcaster? What does this do to the flow of magic? Are some animals better suited than others? The great witch Zelda Sneer did the first major work regarding these enchanted beasts, and uncovered many insights before she was mysteriously murdered. A character that takes this lesson can give her familiar a +4 bonus to any skill that the familiar already knows.

Lesson Three - Black Cauldron
This lesson is about potions and exploring the wonderful world of poisons, elixirs, and magical slimes. A student who takes this lesson is exposed to dozens of experiments involving chemical concoctions and a variety of spell components that range from common to the obscure. The benefit of this class is an expanded knowledge of potion making and pushing the magical envelope of enchanted liquids. A character with this technique can use the Brew Potion feat to create a potion of any spell 4th level or lower than the character knows and meets all requirements for a potion-worthy spell(target type, etc). This overrides the normal limit of 3rd-level spells but the character must still have the Brew Potion feat to benefit from this training.

Lesson Four - Shadow Puppetry
Back in the days of the great witch trials, the Snakebrine member had to hide their movements and studies from the fear-driven public. The Shadow Puppetry technique manipulated the dark to improve movement in shadows, or to keep certain parts of a room hidden from peering eyes. Since then, the public has become more accepting and the technique has rather lost its original purpose. However, Shadow Puppetry remains an important lesson and serves as a game for students and masters alike. The school holds massive tournaments to see who can perform the most elaborate, creative, and realistic displays, with prizes ranging from mundane to the magical.

A character with this technique can manipulate the shadows in an area to one square foot per level. This spell-like ability is usable three times per day. The darkness can be moved or forced to take unusual shapes. The character can manipulate the shadows for up to five minutes, each minute providing a +2 bonus to all subsequent hide checks made within the area. Once fully manipulated, the shadows will stay artificially bent for up to one hour before moving back to their natural positions.

Lesson Five - Toil and Trouble
Also called "Curses, Punishments, and Other Cruel Pranks." this lesson teaches students how to create a minor curse and then unleash it upon some unlucky individual. A classic lesson that has survived from Snakebrine's days, toil and trouble is loads of fun to learn as students get to cast nasty curses on one another throughout the lesson. A character with this technique can cast a minor curse on one individual as a spell-like ability usable once per week. A Will Save(dc 15) negates the effects of the curse. Otherwise, the curse lingers for 1 day per caster level of the character performing the spell. The curse cannot have a punishment effect but can cause itching, purple rashes, a funny smell, or a case of bad luck. The character that initiates the curse can choose to two rolls or checks on wich the afflicted character suffers a -2 penalty. The curse's manifestation should always be made to reflect the penalties, so a curse that caused a penalty to all Climb and Tumble checks might manifest itself as painful sores on the target's hands. A BREAK ENCHANTMENT, HEAL, or REMOVE CURSE spell ends the curse immediately, and the person that cast the curse can voluntarily end the effect at any time.

Lesson Six - Imposing Presence
A standard tactic among schoolmasters to deal with disruptive students, the Imposing Presence technique makes a character seem taller, stronger, and practically shivering with supernatural power. it has been compared to a mage giving another person a physical glance that reflects the magical energy he weilds. This spell-like ability can be used three times per day and lasts for up to one minute. The presence confers a +2 circumstance bonus to all Charisma-based skill checks.

Lesson Seven - Dark magic
Snakebrine is one of the schools willing to tackle the topic of necromancy. The Dark Magic lesson is a study on the black arts that takes a neutral stance toward their application. Snakebrine is neither for nor against the unethical uses of magic. Its devotees merely see it as one side of that complex coin that is Arcana. As such, a student taking this lesson is exposed to lectures on corpse-usage in magic, blood mixtures, and various dark rituals and evil gods. A character with the dark magic technique gains a +2 circumstance bonus to Spellcraft rolls involving all Necromancy, Evil, and Chaos Spells.

Lesson Eight - Broomstick
Requires knowledge of the FLY spell. The Glenan witches are credited with being the first to fully exploint brooms and flying. Their insane parties, which involved strange rituals including howling at the moon and dancing before a great fire, have given birth to many obscure myths and folk tales. However, the broomstick is one of the most eagerly anticipated lessons for students of the Snakebrine school. A character with this technique can magically enchant a wooden broomstick to have the powers of a BROOM OF FLYING. However only the character that enchanted the broom can use it to fly. This spell-like ability can be used three times per day and each usage lasts for one hour.

Lesson Nine - Moon Magic
The moon has a powerful influence on the planetary forces. It changes the inside, controls and the sea winds, and affects the flow of magic. With this lesson, a mage learns to harness the power of the moon to enhance his spells. Spells cast by a character with this technique are treated as if the caster were one level higher. However, the character only gains tis power if he is outdoors at night and under the light of a visible moon. At least one part of the character's body must be in the moonlight for this technique to work.

Lesson Ten - The Horror of Horrors
Because of the tendency for abuse, this technique is taught only to older, respectable mages. The Horror of Horrors is an advanced curse that is permanent and can be placed on either a person or object. Typically, mages use it on the latter. Once per week as a spell-like ability, a character with this technique can cast a major curse. It takes five rounds of uninterrupted changing to cast the curse, which can be negated by a Will Save(DC 18). This works exactly like the BESTOW CURSE spell. The character that casts this curse cannot break or change it once it has been completed.

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